The primary intent of the Cultura Ambiente Paesaggio (Culture Environment Landscape), project developed by the “Gal Gran Sasso Velino”, is the exploitation and diffusion of the immense patrimony present in the Marsica municipalities.

For this purpose it has been constituted an integrated system in two main areas, dedicated respectively to the environmental, landscapes and artistic archaeological resources, structured on the basis of the peculiarity of each single municipality inserted in the project.

The cultural area has been located in the “Piani Palentini” and the “Fucino’s” river-bed municipalities, in fact the richness of the cultural heritage of these areas offer remarkable examples that combines archaeology, history and architecture: from the roman site of “Alba Fucens”, to the “Piccolomini Castle” of Celano,  the “Aielli and Pescina Towers”, remains of the Angevin’s defense system, up to the Church of “Santa Maria della Vittoria” in Scurcola, built by Corradino di Svevia after the Tagliacozzo’s battle.

The environmental axis has been individuated in the “Roveto Valley” and the high-plains of Carsoli municipalities, which beside being known for the importance of its fauna, flora and speleological resources, among the most suggestive of Abruzzo, are united by an homogeneous karstic landscape, rich with spectacular cascades and waterfalls, as the sources of “S. Francesco” in Civita d’Antino, of “Liri” in Cappadocia and of “Schioppo” in Morino.


The municipal administrations involved have signed an understanding protocol preliminary to a programming agreement between the local authorities, aimed at ensuring the actuation of worthwhile development strategies of the tourist flows, aim of the action in the area.

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